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The Woman With The Aesthetics Solution on the Gold Coast   


I love helping people achieve their beauty and skin goals with my expertise in aesthetics!

Now it feels like I was destined to be a beauty consultant as healthy skin started fascinating me from a young age and I’ve always been obsessed with knowing methods for keeping skin fresh and healthy. As I grew up, my interest in different procedures from chemical face peels and microdermabrasion to anti-aging skincare practices multiplied. There’s just something about working with the right products to lift faces that drives me crazy – safe to say, we all need a little pampering one day or another!


These days, there are too many procedures and products in the business, which is why it is crucial for an aesthetician to carefully choose their products. It’s about looking beyond the hype and using things that are not known to everyone yet powerful enough to work their magic. 


I love cosmetic tattoos, particularly those that give you an effortless full brow without having to expend any elbow grease. Ladies know that that’s nearly impossible but because I’ve had quite some time to perfect my art, I’ve never had a disappointed client. And this is only the tip of my skills’ ice berg; lip tattoos, face masks for dry skin, crystal healing – there’s something for everyone. To top it off, I firmly believe that a stressed body equals stressed skin and that’s why I strive to relieve tension with some exquisite massage therapy. Trust me, it will wash the blues away, making you feel like a royal!


It’s all in the happy faces


Every time a client comes in, we talk about her desired look or if she is experiencing any issues with her skin and there’s no greater joy to see her smile after her procedure is done, and when I get to see the starry eyes of my clients, I know I’ve done my job right.To know that my cosmetic service, or massage, is the reason for that glow is irreplaceably rewarding. 


It all started like a ‘once upon a time’ tale. After graduating from beauty school, I was eager to run a aesthetics clinic where people could feel much more satisfied and confident about their looks. I indulged myself researching the benefits of natural ingredients, exploring ancient therapies, and unorthodox beauty techniques. Indeed, my journey is driven by enough fervor to pass on the vibe in Gold Coast and it has been about empowering women to lead healthier lives.


I'm passionate about delivering an uplifting and dedicated customer experience that shows I CARE. It’s about ensuring that my customers are comfortable during and after the service is complete. And that they walk out as a self-assured version of themselves.


My magic words to you are: “If your skin's feeling a little dull; don’t worry. Together, we can achieve all your skincare goals!”


Shelly xx


Shelly Henderson

Master Artist

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